Love Revolution 21 Day Challenge

You can do anything for 21 days! In 21 days you can begin t see real results in your body, your mind, your spirit and in your everyday life. If you give yourself over completely to this program for 21 days, you truly will have started a love revolution in every area of your life.


Starting January 11th 2019.

Love Revolution Workshop 3 Living In Possibility

The Capstone workshop of our Love Revolution program. Led by Casey Bryan. With a focus on integrating the lessons into one’s life moving forward and living in the possibilities.

Students not participating in the Love Revolution may attend for a $20 workshop fee

Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 2:30 PM – 4 PM

Grow Your Yoga

Part 1:
Open forum style workshop. Annie and Casey will cover detailed alignment of the basics and fundamentals of Yoga. Come with questions. Think… individual attention of a private session in a group setting! Saturday February 2nd 1pm-3pm


Part 2: More advanced practice and up-level on the content of Part 1. An opportunity to deepen your practice and understanding for more experienced Yogis. Sunday February 3rd 1pm-3pm


If student wants to attend both workshops. The bundled price is $55

Integrative Breath Workshop


February 16th 1-3pm

What is Integrative Breathwork?
Breath = Life
The fuller and more complete and unrestricted your
breath is, the fuller, more complete and unrestricted
your life can be. Simple as that.
What Should I Expect?
A 30-45 minute talk about what integrative
breath is and how it works
A detailed Breath Translation: your unique
breathing pattern and what it means
A full 30-45 minute guided breath session

Integrative breathing
is a safe and natural process which utilizes
conscious breathing patterns to induce
healing – physically, emotionally, mentally
and spiritually, thus bringing the parts into
a unified whole.

Investment: $45



March 3rd 6pm-8:30pm

Ever get that feeling at the end of yin like it just started? Join Casey for a 2.5 hour yin extravaganza. We’ll cover all of the major myofascial lines in this head to toe experience. Unravel and unwind tension in the entire body and nourish your soul with a bonus compassion meditation to top off the evening.

Investment $45

Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation


March 23rd 1pm-2:30pm

The workshop will be led by Kaitlin Johnston, a singing bowl practitioner. It will begin with a brief introduction. Then will go into a guided 10-minute meditation sitting upright. For the remainder of the meditation, yogis will lie down on a mat or blanket. Being comfortable is key for this meditation. The Singing Bowls will replace Kaitlin’s
voice and are the guide for the remainder of the meditation.
Halfway through the meditation Kaitlin will go around the room and connect the vibration of the bowl to the body by placing a bowl onto either their feet, stomach or chest to deepen the
healing process. (This part is for anyone who would like to receive).
At the end of the meditation, the room will be opened up for a group discussion on their experience and we close the meditation with an OM. Anyone after the meditation is more than welcome to play with the bowls too!
Reduce Stress
Address Anxiety
Ease depression
Improves quality of sleep
Reduces Chronic pain
and More!!

Investment: $35