Chakra Workshop

Annie will lead a collection of 4 workshops centered around the energetic system of the Chakras. Each Chakra is believed to be a spinning wheel of energy where the prana or life force of the body is organized. Chakras represent a link between the spiritual and the physical. Each one is linked to particular characteristics and parts of the body. When energy is blocked or unbalanced in the body it can affect all areas of life. By working on the chakras we can promote good health and balance.
Each work shop will be 2hrs. There will be an emphasis on 2 Chakras each month, with an understanding of the energies held in those Chakras, a Chakra centered meditation, and 90min practice.
Lets spin those wheels.

December 1st 1pm: 3rd and 4th Chakras

November Deck Class

November 29th 6:30pm with Casey Bryan, with Lindsay Bryan on guitar. This is a Vin Yin Practice. During the season of giving we are taking time to honor gratitude with a candle lit ceremony at the Water Point Event Center. 

Happy Anniversary and Happy Holiday Party

It has been a whipping 2 years since Annie opened the doors of the Yoga Room Conroe. The community has not only growing in numbers but in our hearts as well. WE want to celebrate with you! Help us close out the year, celebrating our accomplishments, and sweat our way into a new year. 

$25 to help with food and drink.

Love Revolution 21 Day Challenge

You can do anything for 21 days! In 21 days you can begin t see real results in your body, your mind, your spirit and in your everyday life. If you give yourself over completely to this program for 21 days, you truly will have started a love revolution in every area of your life.


Starting January 11th.