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Hot 60

This is a hot 60 min class with a set sequence that builds a “Solid” foundation for any yoga practice. It is for all levels, based on the core poses and principles of Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga. The sequence has emphasis on core strength and flexibility using breath to slow down the heart rate and calm the mind. There are great benefits to a hot room the heat increases your immune system and allows you to get into postures, the heavy sweating is detoxing and flushing muscles, organs and glands. This class builds a strong body and mind. To be able to enjoy the experience it is key to hydrate both before and after this class. If you like to sweat and identify the saying “sweaty hair I don’t care” this is the class for you.

Hot Flow 

This is a hot 60 min set sequence class based on the Solid 60, with the addition of Vinyasas (sun salutations). It is an intense fun-filled class with music. The teacher practices with you cuing a posture but with little to no instruction making it a slightly less structured experience giving you the ability to up level or down level. With the integration of Vinyasa the upper body gets strong and defined, heart rate and breath are challenged. Hydrate, hydrate, Hydrate, before and after class. If you are in the mood to stir up energy and maybe even dance a little, this is the class for you.


Forrest Yoga is a modern yoga style based on Hatha yoga. Practiced in a warm room it is known for its long holding of postures, the abdominal work alone will give you a whole new understanding of abdominals. The sequence varies and targets different areas each class. Reputed for its intensity Forrest yoga builds a strong overall body and then it gets you to work with that strength to clear out negative energy. The one-hour practice is for all levels; the 90min is more advanced if you want to explore your yoga practice this is the class for you.


This warm 60min slow passed class is a Yin Yoga Practice. Do not let “slow paced” trick you this is a deep practice where postures are held for 3/5 minutes targeting bone and fascia. Time, not intensity is the magic of this practice. We don’t use the body to get into a pose but the pose to get into the body. If you are stiff and suffer from Sciatica and back pain this is the class for you or maybe you are a mover and shaker on the go all the time this is the class for you to get “still and stay”.

Power Blend

Power Blend is a Yoga practice that incorporates weights, the addition of weights helps restore and retain bone density. When combined with holding yoga poses, the student is able to develop power in their upper body while shaping and strengthening their lower body. This class builds balance and a strong core that improves general yoga practice.


Listening to the collective mood of each class, the instructor leads an intuitive vinyasa/hatha blended class style. Experience a healthy physical, anatomical and alignment-focused practice. A steady stream of breath awareness is the foundation of each class. Thoughtful cues are tailored for each unique group. Come and explore movement from a place of inner peace and from the heart. This class is guided with a gentle nature and challenging enthusiasm so you’ll leave with a lasting calm energy and revitalization. All levels welcome.


Join this class to build a solid foundation to grow your yoga practice. You will learn safe alignment principals and modifications tailored for you.If you’re nervous and not sure where to start, this is the class for you. Each week we will focus on the technical form of each of the different asana groups: forward folds, backbends, twists and side bends. The purpose of this class is to introduce you to the principals of yoga so that you are comfortable joining any of our classes with confidence and joy. 

Open Level

Flow class for all abilities.  Teacher offers guidance for beginners and opportunities for up-levels for more experienced practitioners.  Enjoy this practice of mindfully moving with your breath and inspired music.


Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low-impact flexibility and muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance.





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Private Lesson 60min

Private Lesson

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Private Lesson 90min

Private Lesson

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