The Yoga Room truly developed within Annie as she traveled with her family all over the world. Teaching in places where yoga had never been offered, Annie’s classes became a place where beliefs and cultures joined harmoniously; where people came together to breathe. Annie’s classes are still going strong, helping people and changing lives. It was from these diverse roots that The Yoga Room grew and refined its unique energy. With the opening of The Yoga Room Conroe Annie brings this mission here to Conroe, Texas. The Yoga Room is a place where we hope to continue positively impacting the lives of those who walk through our doors.

The Yoga Room is a space where change happens and the journey to self-discovery begins. Yoga greatly impacts both the body and the mind. Physically, it builds a strong and flexible body. These changes then spill over into our choices, changing fear into courage and suffering into self-care.

The Yoga Room family often speaks of that “bright shinny thing” at the heart of everyone. Join us on our mission to sparkle up, breath deeply, smile more and stress less.